How to Train Your Memory (BBC, 2003)


Posted on : 08-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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CREDIT: this video excerpt is from BBC’s critically acclaimed documentary,’The Human Mind’. For more information, visit

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Comments (16)

Develop a story to memorise facts.

photographic memory is not similar to mnemonics. mnemonics is something that anyone can use and only a handful of people have photographic memory in the world.

well who needs photographic memory if you can do this?

Photographic is similar to mnemonics but passive…mnemonics are active…same concept =P but yes impressive :D

I love this man … He is so humble …

This is easy to do.

hypnosis is one way to gain a memory similar to eidetic memory (although it isnt)

Two things. One, photographic memory is a misnomer. The correct term is eidetic memory. For instance, some believe Mozart had a ‘photographic memory’ with music. Two, the existence eidetic memory is disputed by psychologists.

may be a doctor but not an needs IQ not memory.

I Think his using the Roman room Technic.

Now if he could just tell me where my keys are.

On this one 20/20 special, there was a guy who uses these techniques to become fluent in Icelandic in one week. It was seriously cool

oh man…if i have this kind of ability…medicine would be totally easy…

he can become doctor engineer and so many other things

This isn’t a photographic memory, it’s a well-trained memory using mnemonics. Still very impressive, but not photographic.


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