Howard Berg “World’s Fastest Reader” on Good Day Tampa Bay Fox 13 Tampa 02-16-13


Posted on : 29-03-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Howard Berg, the “World’s Fastest Reader” interviewed by Kristin Wright-Fox on Good Day Tampa Bay on Saturday morning February 16, 2013 on Fox Tampa Bay.

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Comments (11)

With regard to the comment below made by “sbowesuk,” the reader is not
required to read the same portion of text the second time through. I know
this because I recently bought Howard’s “Maximum Speed Reading” course, and
though he might recommend that you read the same portion of text the second
time through, eventually you are able to just keep going.

Thanks for posting this. Did not catch it. But I do want to believe that
it’s possible. All the evidence, none of which I have personally checked,
he presents makes it all the much easier. Wouldn’t making such claims on
national TV (it being FOX not withstanding) be pointless if they weren’t

@S Bowes That is true. However the technique does work. In my speed reading
class, I was taught to use that. My reading speed went from 260 to 600 over
the course of a month, with little practice.

He loves that book, if it could orgasm his face would be dripping wet

Cheeto finger ass

like si vienes de cuanto cabron

cuanta razon perdon xd

like si bienes de cuanta razon

Regarding the reading tip he gave her – surely just by reading the same
portion of text more than once, it’ll be faster the second time regardless
of technique, since your brain has already processed it. Not sure about
anyone else, but when he said that, a red flag went up for me.

Che forza!! :D questo uomo è un genio!

I wish I could read that fast, I read about 2 damn words per week and still
forget ..

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