I have two assignments in a couple of days and an exam on the same day?


Posted on : 22-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I have a 2000 word essay, a 1500 word essay and an 1.5hr exam due in a couple of days and have not started. Do anyone have any tips as to how I can motivate myself to not leaving them til the last minute?

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-First you better make a schedule with all the things you have to do. for example, you’ll put the three things u just mentioned to finish in two days.
-The most important thing you’ll need is a watch… (trust me you have to be on time or you’ll never do it!)
-Starting with the first essay, take ten minutes and put all your ideas on a scratch paper.
-Make a time limit for yourself to finish the first paragraph (20 minutes or more if you need more time).
-Rest for five minutes: Stretch, go to the bathroom, treat yourself with candy. Do anything that makes you feel happy and energetic!
-Start the second paragraph and continue for 30 minutes.
-Rest for 5 minutes
-continue writing the essay that way a paragraph and then rest. (you’ll find that writing is fun and you’ll get more ideas for the essay by giving yourself a rest!)
-Take a Lunch/Dinner break after you finish the first assignment (from 45-60 minutes)
-Read a little bit of your favorite book, a comic book, or look at some old pictures (have fun while relaxing for a little bit.
-Start second assignment (same way as first)
-Take A long break.
-watch TV for 30 min
-Study for your Test

Good luck!

i do not think anyone here in yahoo answers can do it for you and moreover answering such complex questions require deep analysis of theories and research done by others inorder to get a good grade. it is more useful if you use some website like fastcustomessays.com for such task, which i used for mine but remember that it is highly recommend to write your own paper iff you have enough time and knowledge otherwise itz okay to use such helps from these experts. i am sure that they will nevr disappoint you because i know so many mates using such helps and getting decent marks on their papers

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