I study hard, but I’m not making the grade in college. What can I do to relax during an exam?


Posted on : 26-11-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I’m studying hard and I walk into an exam feeling confident and I leave the same way. But when I get my grade it’s not what I expect. I go see my test and I relize that I know the right answer but I’m second guessing myself and putting the wrong one. My GPA is at risk; what’s going on?

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just dont take too much stress…

Everybody is different. Here is an advice i got from my father and worked for me:

Hard work is necessary to succed… but stop working so hard the day/night before your exam day. Relax and get enough rest.

u need to go with your first feeling, or thoughts. when you are second guessing your mind is just playing tricks on u. either that or u need to change your study habits. i think your are putting to much stress on yourself, get some fresh air or something….

BREATHE!!!take breaks and pay attention to what you’re doing! Try not to get distracted! Also, read the questions carefully!!! Take your time tell yourself that you are not being timed and don’t rush into things. Trust me I had he same problem…in math! I would get a test and before I knew what I did wrong in a problem I knew the answer! It was very annoying, because I thought I was gonna get a good grade and then i would question myself because I would think the exam was too easy! Something else that can help is not studying too hard! You don’t want your brain to go into overload! Also ask your teacher questions if you’re having trouble understanding a question or if its worded in a way that you are not 100% sure what its asking you. I hope this helped and that exams become easier for you, but no matter what keep that confidence!!!!!!

You are getting brain freeze.

To calm your mind and body, take up yoga but in the mean time, try this…from your belly, take three slow long breaths, letting each out just as slowly. This relaxes your body and feeds your mind with oxygen. It slows your heart and centers you. Close your eyes while doing this and feel yourself relax.

Every time you hear that little voice in your head that snaps up an answer instantly, you are hearing your instinct and must follow it. Instinct is both primordial knowledge and educated knowledge. Trust the voice or for some it feels like an impulse.

Good Luck and Goddess Bless.

EXAMS? i read 2 days before the exam, just read!! then the night before the exam i memorize it or not totally memorize it if the texts will be too long for you to memorize. just understand.
I also write outlines of the general topics and answer them on my mind of what i think i understand about it.tell youself what you think then check if youre right. in addition i take glutamic acid, while studying and after taking the exams it improves concentration (no approved therapeutic effects & not proven to make you genius) its just a supplement beter than coffee consumption. coffee will make you more nervous you heart beats fast if you take it.
If you feel nervous before exams you are not ready and its morelikely that youll fail. but the feeling of bieng EXITED before the exam is sure fire kick ass success!!!

Someone else said to trust your gut more – sounds like good advice to follow in a pinch. You may be a bit too worried about doing well, and that adds anxiety.

Hey, it’s college – it’s supposed to be tougher than high school, right? That’s not to rationalize getting lower grades or anything, but take a step back and ask yourself if you’re learning a lot. The point of college is to learn as much as possible so you can use that knowledge on your job.

Do you feel confident you know the material? Talk to your instructors about it and *demonstrate* to them that you know it – it might look like “brown-nosing” to the uninitiated, but you’re an adult and no longer have to concern yourself with what the “cool kids” think, OK? (Something I wish more students would understand and start earlier in life.)

Good luck, and relax a little more.

I always try and finish off what i have to study a good 24 hours before my exam. chill out for a day, go in the exam with confidence. do double check ur answers, but when i doght go with ur gut feeling which is usualy the first one

Do not cram for exams, make sure u learn it, enjoy it. the GPA will follow. GPA shouldnt be ur objective. its a by product of learning

I wish you luck

you have to trust your first thought,don’t try to go over and keep answering the same question.In real life,many times you just have one shoot and the mistake are in money not grades.Good luck

Just like you read before, Relax. Study during the week and just find something to take you mind off the exam the day/evening before. You may also want to try eating some chocolate 1 hour to 1/2 hour before the exam. I few of my friends swear by it. Chocolate is supposed to help release serotonin in the brain, which is thought to create feelings of pleasure. And happy people tend to perform better.
Don’t doubt yourself, you know you know it! Good Luck!

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