I want to go to parsons school of design in a couple years, what should I be doing now?


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Im a sophomore in high school and I want to go to parsons to study interior design. What kind of classes should I be taking now? Should I get a job with a local interior designer or something? What should I do to stand out?

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Part of the application procedure will be providing a portfolio of your work, so one thing you need to do is start collecting pieces of your work for your portfolio. You can use things you did in class, things you’ve done on your own, and you can (and should) do a project or two with your Parsons application in mind.

Another part of rhe application process is something they call the Parsons Challenge. It probably changes every year, but you can practice by doing them now and each year until you apply. These might even be things you can include in your portfolio.

By the way, I’m getting this info from the Apply section of their website, here: http://www.parsons.edu/apply/undergrad_app_procedure.aspx

They also expect good grades and test scores, so your regular classwork is important, too. Start prepping for the PSAT. Maybe buy one of the test prep books or get one from the library to guide your study.

For science, you don’t really need to take anything more than the minimum required for your high school. But math is part of the SAT, so take the algebra and geometry, and maybe the trigonometry.

Even if you’re going for the fine arts degree, you ought to have good writing skills. Take the English composition courses offered – even AP English, if you can.

If your school offers Humanities courses, these would be good to have. Architecture and design are part of humanities. Having the background means you’ll have a better base to build from in interior design.

Of course you will need art courses. Take drawing and any graphic design courses your school has. Others I’d recommend: drafting, painting, photography, some kind of basic computer course, and computer graphics, if your school has it. Naturally, if your school offers interior design or decorating, you should take it. Any others that might relate to that, take them.

Subscribe to a few interior design magazines. Some cost only $10/year for a subscription, and much more to buy individually. Ask for subscriptions for Christmas and birthday presents, if you can’t get them yourself. Read them through, thinking about what you like and what you don’t, what works for you and what doesn’t, how you might improve some of the rooms or pieces of furniture in the magazine pictures. This may sound easy, and it is (and lots of fun, too!), but after a few years of doing this, you will have developed a good sense of what’s out there, what the trends are, and a knowing eye for what works.

Visit design websites and keep up with trends and events in the design world. Learn what’s world class and what’s just ordinary.

Watch HGTV, if you have cable. LOL, not too many people get told to watch TV as college prep!

Parsons offers pre-college classes and summer programs. Check into them. Order the free catalog. See if you can go to one of these. (You don’t have to, of course, but how great if you could!) http://www.parsons.edu/pre_enrollment/index.aspx

I don’t know whether interior designers even use a staff. If you can land a job with one, awesome! Maybe interview some of them for a school project. You might find a job at a furniture store, if you want to work.

Which reminds me: You will have papers to write and projects to do where you get to choose your subject. You can use these to learn about interior design now, but writing on issues in design, interviewing designers, doing science projects on textiles and other materials, etc. You don’t have to, of course, but keep it in mind.

Play around with design ideas for your room at home. Can you make a computer representation of the room and then do very different decors? Just an idea for practice and perhaps your portfolio.

Just being well versed in design will make you stand out. But don’t forget that there’s more to life than design. So continue to participate in other activities and interests that you value.

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