7 Ways to Help Your Childs Self Esteem


Posted on : 28-10-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory, Parenting Tips
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Is there anything as sad as seeing a child whose light has gone out or who has low self esteem? Well there’s one thing that comes close and that’s to see an adult whose light has gone out.

So how can we help self esteem and let the light shine?

As adults, whether we are parents or not, I believe that we hold a massive responsibility to ensure that the “light” of the next generation, our children,  is always allowed to shine brightly, so bright in fact that it helps keep us adults awake!

How many childrens lights have been put out in the “old days” by beliefs like “a child should be seen and not heard” and by the corporal punishment that followed when a child was “heard”?

I heard about an incident recently where some young kids (ages 13/14) were coming home from school on a train and were a bit exuberant, lets say. I actually saw pictures of them jumping around and to me they looked “fully alive“,  living totally in the moment and absolutely delighted to be in each others company.(They were also not damaging anything and not doing harm to anyone).

Now grant it, we all must have respect for other peoples property and all that but when kids have been sitting at a desk learning for hours in school, shouldn’t they be allowed to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, particularly when all they’re doing is getting “high on life“, rather than some other illegal stimulate. that’s sold to them by unscrupulous adults and has the potential to destroy their lives!

Not every one, for whatever reason appreciated the kids behaviour and one passenger on the train from the next carriage phoned the kids school, gave them an ear full with his complaints and referred to the kids as “thugs”!

Now here was an adult who possibly had his own light put out many years ago,  by some other older person before him who believed “kids should be seen and not heard”. And here he was trying to impose this self same misery, one that has collectively brought immense misery to millions of people in the world today, onto the next generation.

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