In your own words give the definition of communication as far as study skills are concerned.?


Posted on : 20-04-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Explain what would life look like without such communication.

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Life look like as the same without communication. Communication is required only in social life. If a person wants something that he doesn’t have, he needs get it for which sometimes he should ask at the source. Else, he has to leave it. So communication is only for any external requirement. In other words, expressing likes and dislikes to external power or body is communication. It also applies to ‘make aware or share knowledge’. However, unless there is a need, one does not need any communication. Besides, as far as study skills are concerned, skills are to be practised, not studied. A theory is to know the history of its kind or results and reasons for such skill. This study also 2nd important. For studying swimming, one has to get into the water – study will not work, skill works there. Communication is the primary requirement in respect of study skills are concerned. Without communication nothing can be studied or to be skilled in it.

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