INSTANT SPEED READING! – Read 5 times faster in minutes!


Posted on : 15-12-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Amazing speed reading program that just works – no study or heavy learning – just press play and you’re speed reading!

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Comments (18)

This demonstrates it, but it does not show how to purchase it. Every time I
go to the internet to look it up it says something about “for blind
people.” I didn’t read this video in braille! How can I buy it?

Is this made by the adobe company? It doesn’t say on the video and I don’t
want to get ripped off by a copycat name product.

easy. I cna even read a cooment in 1 look. my brain dont read word its read
whole segments:D and I can find key words in a book by flipping pages
fast:D mostly sex words:D

Find Mental photography on google. Especially ZOX training. I know it costs
bunch of money, but if you’re smart i know that you find another way. :D

is it good if i’m 9 and i was able to read every word and i didn’t even

The 500 WPM was pathetic,

It’s cool, cause with practice, you can read even thousands of words a

hahaha, cant understand shit! at that speed, i prefer normal readin by +1

2:44 is where the 500 wpm starts, in case you want to go back to it after
the end of the video.

I could easily read the 500 wpm.


This confused me

wow… just wow, PLEASE put more of these up! They are helpful and im sure
they will lead to more sales for the program.

i lost track a 1:21 >.< lol

This was actually very helpful :) I’ve watched it a few times now.

I got most of 500 =)

im 10 and i only missed some of 500 im on my sisters youtube account X_X

oh shit wat

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