Is ginkgo the best for improving your memory?


Posted on : 28-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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If you compare ginkgo with rosemary which one of the two is more affective for improving memory.

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Comments (6)

I’m sorry, what was the question again?

It is alternative medicine, not proven by science to improve memory.
It can give placebo effect that you are taking something to improve memory.

eat blueberries
eat fish

not yet proven but gingko is good for ur memory.

Try posting this in Alternative Medicine section, since use of ginkgo biloba &&&, are considered there too. Much debate about efficacy of ginkgo, as well as several shrooms for emeory help, even green teas. I don’t know about rosemary. Just be careful not to mix these with real meds prescribed by a Dr. without telling them, becuase that can prove dangerous.


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