Is it bad that I have become an introvert?


Posted on : 04-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I didn’t used to be like this a couple years ago, but I see people always having to need to be with some one and they are not going anywhere with their lives. I messed up a couple times by dropping out of high school and drinking a lot, but I have cleaned my self up and got my GED and am currently in a 2 yr college working on my degree in applied science. I rarely go out and be with friends because I don’t want to get sucked up into bad things again. Is it bad I rather stay home and study? Will it effect my social skills down the road?

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ur ugly thats probably why

No it’s not bad at all. College is meant for focusing on studies and getting a degree. I don’t think it would effect your social skills down the road. If you have already developed some kind of social skills then you don’t really lose those set of skills..kind of like riding a bike. What your doing is perfectly fine and it will pay off later. Blowing off school to go party wont get you a degree..

And your not ugly. Trolls are all over YA’s so ignore the response above me.

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