Is there any medication my nan can take to improve her memory?


Posted on : 22-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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Is there any medication my nan can take to improve her memory and stop her from going quite so loopy? i think it may be the start of altzhimers. (bad spelling)

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It has been suggested that Ginko Baloba improves memory, but its debatable.


Rather than medicine, maybe she should first try simple memory improvement techniques.

Some older people start having memory problems because they don’t use their minds like when they were young. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, in other words.

A great way for an older person to keep their mind active is by doing puzzles and playing brain games. See if you can convince her to do one crossword puzzle a day. Or maybe play card games with friends, or chess, or any other activity that requires concentration.

If she doesn’t do much physical activity, see if you can get her to walk each day or something similar. Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, which can improve memory.

Another suggestion might be fish oil supplements. Lots of people (not just the elderly) are deficient in Omega-3 vitamins. Omega-3′s are essential for proper brain health and can only be found in certain foods like fish oil. I personally use the Carlson’s brand (liquid) that I order over the internet, but you can find fish oil vitamins at any grocery or drug store.

There are a lot more ideas on improving memory at this website:

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