Is there any problem in which a student gets very nervous before the exam?


Posted on : 20-01-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Is there any term or name of this problem when a student gets nervous and is not able to study at the day or two days before the exam.

I usually study 5 to 6 hours when I am practising the chapters deeply and slowly but when it comes to revising all that you’ve been studying in a day or two I can’t do that.

I have made so many plans/strategies for quick revesion..but I am not able to execute my plans..:L
Please help.
Thanks in advance!

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Comments (7)

It’s called test anxiety.

I think it’s simply called

Testing anxiety

Test anxiety

As other posters have note it jetway anxiety.
The best way I have found to deal with this is to study with others in your class, if you can explain the concepts to your peers you can be very confident that you are ready. It can really reduce your stress before a test.

relax until about two days before the exam then revise but not too much that you stress your self and people normally say eat chocolate or some thing special or some thing that you love it helps me -_-

Performance Anxiety.

Best Wishes.

Mars Mission.

I believe it’s called testicular torsion

Test Anxiety.

Actually, it’s better to have some anxiety rather than none. Studies show you’ll do better. Take a deep breath and relax beforehand. You’ll be fine.

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