My Chemical Romance Speed Reading Contest


Posted on : 11-01-2015 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Pre-order MCR’s limited edition of the greatest hits album “May Death Never Stop You” at and the regular version at iTunes at ht…

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Comments (25)

i want to try but… i cant now… :( 

Can we still enter this..? I’m great at speed reading your guys lyrics :D

@DGK122 it’s “welcome to the black parade”

Challenge accepted.

@catastrophefour Just read the lyrics REALLY fast.

Okay! It’s finally uploaded. :}

is breathing alowed?

I can read fast, but I suck at enunciating. Aw cracker whackers.

do you have to do all four? lol.

YES! its really hard to just SAY the lyrics!

fuck. they really didnt clarify this enough:P which lyrics do you have to
read (lyric book version or the whole thing)? all the songs (i got the
impression it is) or just one like a lot of people are doing? Is it okay if
you’re outside the states? If you win do you still have to pay extra
shipping or whatever? NEED MORE RULES DX

MCR supports reading xD. I just sound silly reading at fast as I can :P

@dfrank2003 It says and, so I think all…..

i can’t find TBPID anywhere i had to order it from indigo lol

@urbnplnr1234 it meant that im one less guy to worry about

@mayaandmyfriendsonly ive searched all over my city they dont have it
neither D:

this song still gives me chills and its how old? :D

@Xeta900 Listen to dead.” Weren’t it better if we were dead.” But I still
love them

@mcrxafixsilverx ROFLMAO have you ever heard of sarcasm? Please, did you
think I was serious? duhhh I know I can breath

So…I’m thinking it’s not very fair that people are posting like..6

uh do we have to say all the lyrics?

I can’t even speak clearly as it is, much less speed reading! XD

La letra de Welcome to the Black Parade debe ser la q mas garca xq es màs
larga!!! xP


@mcrrockmusic The wait is over. lolz

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