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Posted on : 04-11-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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Loading ... Loading ... Does gingko help the brain and memory? Discover gingko biloba benefits & brain aging & memory tips from Dr. Dharma. Find natural ways to improve your memory & your brain.

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Comments (19)

In my hometown, you wold be taken away and assessed under the mental health act because of your appearance / race

not the best look i have seen on a man, but work it.

I was curious about this doctor’s credentials. I found impressive, reassuring information in an Amazon (dot) com customer review (by K. A. Stevenson, 4/23/2005):

YouTube won’t allow´╗┐ the URL to be posted. But if you Google´╗┐ “Dharma Singh Khalsa Memory Kit Amazon” you’ll get there. His credentials are worth reading.

damn osama bin laden is a doctor!!!

Very nice thanks for the info:)

will this help me learn japanese cuz im going to live there but im going to need to speak it

Wats ginko?

doctor? from where? does he site his references?

Marijuana can damage lungs and brain at least temporarily but as an ex smoker i think it has more of a permanent effect. but it does have its benefits, like Nausea, or if u lost your appetite or if you’re extremely stressed

Do you knoiw how you can tell a Stoner Firing Squad? They’re usually in a circle. Yes, of course, you’re absolutely right. Anyone reading this can clearly see you KNOW. I’m sure you have empirical evidence that weed raises IQ. LOL. And I’m sure you never heard or saw stupidity coming out of the mouth of a stoner. You probably think stoner jokes are brilliant. “…Blazed some herbs…” – yup, most convincing. Not. . Hurry or you’ll be late for your morning munchies! “ahahah”, as you say. Pity.

@demografx i was not talking about the intoxication of THC i was talking about the
LD50 and toxicity and the way you presented your argument. it does not lower your IQ for the simple fact that it does not harm your brain cells secondly now that you’ve changed your argument i believe that if your intoxicated ..well duhh generaly you should not drive. on any substance but i would have to say if you blazed some herbs and hit an elderly woman then you shouldnt drive even sober ahahaah

@mellowmushgrapetripp MJ = Stupidity, e.g., a fellow I know who drove his car stoned, striking an elderly woman dead. I’m sure that, bright as you are, you know that the highest density of cannabinoid receptors are found in parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement. Marijuana Anonymous has thousands of horror stories. I’m ok with moderate and legit medical use. I worry about the rest. “Period”, as u say.

@demografx cannabinoids do not cause damage to any type of cell in the body period. no one says anyone has to smoke it, of course any smoke will harm your lungs consuming cannabis is one of the most beneficial and eye opening experiences. propaganda and law enforcement is the ony negative thing about cannabis lol.

as far as more effective treatments go ive seen cannabis to far more in treating patients then any other herb

marijuana makes one stupid. Asinine jokes become “revelations”.

Nausea is the only ailment that can possibly benefit, but there are far more effective treatments, without lowering IQ.

marijuana heals the brain

good for alzheimer’s
good for your nervous system
good for cancer
good for glaucoma
good antibacterial

cannabis sativa contains omega 3 and 6
and other good nutreats

lots of vitamins all around good for your whole body

Brain, like any other cells of the body, receives oxygen and nutrients via blood.
Healthy blood supports an overall health of the entire body, including the brain of course.

Ive been using Ginkgo leading up to exams and its amazing! i find it quite stimulating and during studying the info just seemed to be sinking in straight away! Its also a known fact that if you do take ginkgo during exam time you excel 20% more on your grade! :)

doc is it ok to take fish oil with ginko?

I didn’t think that was possible to use blood to improve the brain. Most intresting….

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