Pelvic exam? Best way to not be too nervous?


Posted on : 02-06-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Ok, so it might seem completely ridiculous to be nervous about it considering how often I am on here talking about sex.

But still, I am still nervous. I’m getting tested for STDs. I’m not even so worried about the results, but more about the actual exam its self. I’ve had one before, but it didn’t go so well: my nerves got the better of me and I ended up panicking and in tears. And then I couldn’t relax because I was so upset and then it hurt.

I’ve been in an abusive relationship in the past, and therefore I tend to get quite nervous with any type of physical and/or sexual contact.

Anyone been through similar feelings? Any advice or tips on ways to calm down a little before hand? I have anti-anxiety pills that I can take as needed if necessary.

Thanks in advance. =)

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You might try talking to your doctor before the exam- most docs will understand your nervousness and have probably dealt with many other patients with similar feelings about the pelvic exam and they probably have a few tricks to ease your discomfort. You can ask for them to tell you what they are doing before they do it- they will talk you through your exam so you will know what is about to happen and currently happening (I find that helps me quite a bit). If you have a trusted female friend you could ask for them to come along with you to hold your hand, and most docs offices have a 2nd person (usually a nurse or medical assistant) in the room for exams (to prevent abuse and allegations of abuse) and they are sometimes willing to hold hands as well. (holding someone’s hand can help you shift your focus away from the exam)

I find that focusing and breathing helps through the actual exam. Deep, slow breaths while I stare at a point on the ceiling (there are usually lights or a sprinkler system head up there…I once went to a doc that had photos on the ceiling). And I focus on breathing and keeping my brain away from the sensations of the exam.

I think communicating with your doctor about this before you are in the stirrups is the most important thing. You could call ahead and talk to one of the nurses (on staff, in most clinics and offices) about this, before your appointment.

And after your exam, make sure you treat yourself to something special. It may sound silly but my “girl time”(I give myself a luxurious spa-at-home splurge) after the exam makes me dread the annual exam a little less…

Good luck with this! Many women have this anxiety- I really think talking to your doc or nurse beforehand will help them help you.

This sounds more symptomatic of dynamic anxieties rather than one physical contact disorder.

Self appreciation is a continual learning experience. Learning the beneficial experiences and information is an intellectual journey that lasts a lifetime. Are you prepared for personal euphoria?

The areas in your life where fulfillment is a challenge combine to manifest in human contact anxiety. When did you last have a good laugh or moan? These are the sensations that signal a relaxed state of personal pleasure.

Focus on self. What are some of the achievements and accomplishments that you have set aside for one reason or another?

The journey toward inner peace will facilitate mastering the issues that trigger anxiety.

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