Read Up To 1000 Word Per Minute Spritz Speed Reading Review


Posted on : 28-06-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Comments (3)

Awl man you’re so cute!

…even if it works, why would I want to do it? If I want to save time,
it’s easier done by *NOT* reading certain books I *don’t* really like (all
those over-hyped bestsellers, for instance), and reading a book I *like*
instead. I will always be taking my time, having a pot of tea and dreaming
slowly along the lines of the book. For me, reading a book is not just
“taking in information”, like you fill gas into your car, but a book
triggers my own imagination. I need my time for that.

P.S. But Lance, you are such a rapid talker, I hereby “dare” you to speak
1,000 words per minute in your next video! If anyone can, *you* can!

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