Really stressed about final exams?


Posted on : 11-02-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I have a final exam tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I’ve been studying almost constantly since Friday, and I still only know about 50% of the material. If I get any worse than about 60 on the exam, I will fail the class. Even if I knew 100% of the material, it is unlikely that I will get much higher that 85. So I could very easily fail, depending on the questions asked. I’ve never failed a class. I’ve never even gotten a B since high school; I got all As in undergrad.

I also have a take-home exam due Thursday which I haven’t even begun preparing for. And I have a homework due Thursday that I haven’t even started.

I can’t stand this. I am literally shaking. It’s too much to cope with. I just want to kill myself so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Well the worse thing that can happen is if you fail, you get to take the class over again and learn evennn more the next time around:)

Don’t panick you’ll be fine. You studied okay?,now just go do something to take your head off of all this stress. Take a walk or just get some fresh air outside. Take a nap. And start reading over what you’ve studied so far. Do you have a specific exam review method that helps?, for example I write down key words from the chapter, and then write down the definitions and memorize all of them. Then I’d go through the chapter itself reading it, it helps me understand the key words in more depth. I’d also take down notes off of each subtopic from the chapter I.e; dates specific theorists any theories anything that prof has covered. Just remember this you’re almost done, don’t think about failing or passing just think about the positive things that will come after this exam. You’ll ace this exam. You got this in your control. Believe in yourself!
Good luck

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