Should I feel jealous of all my friends who are still in grad school?


Posted on : 03-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I’m 26 and only ever got my BA. I graduated in 2008, which wasn’t a good year for anyone to be graduating. I worked in low-skill jobs for three years, got a good job with an abusive employer, and now I have a job where I have a lot of power and responsibility (I administer their entire email marketing plan) I feel the company is behind the curve and destined for failure.

A lot of my friends from university and high school are still in university studying things like Transgender Health Policy in South Africa, Marine Biology, and Romantic Poets (those are just three cases). I feel jealous that they aren’t stuck in the crappy job market like me. Should I be? I know my mostly older friends who have graduate degrees and jobs don’t have better jobs than I do. On the other hand, I feel it’s a waste of time to be 26 and still in school unless you have a pot of gold waiting for you at the end.

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I can understand why you envy your friends. It’s quite enjoyable to be part of a community of scholars, where people read, discuss what they’re reading, and write about it. Unfortunately, almost no one can stay in school forever. Very few people get jobs at universities. They will soon be joining you in the workplace if they are able to find jobs.

Since you enjoy learning, you can continue to read. You can attend lectures and other events at a college or university near you. You can also spend time participating in online courses (for credit or just for enjoyment). and offer free courses. You could also buy courses on CD from the Great Courses.

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