Should I let my daughter take classes at the community college?


Posted on : 16-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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My daughter is 17 years old and a Junior in high school. She has a 3.8 weighted GPA. She is mostly in honors/AP classes. She has very few credits she needs to graduate high school and has been talking with her guidance counselor about what options she has as far as graduating early or leaving school early. I don’t want her to graduate early because I don’t feel she is emotionally ready for college- I honestly don’t feel she is ready to take care of herself. She also has some mental health problems and I am not confident that she would seek out help if things became bad again. One option her counselor gave her was to take classes at the junior college while in high school. For every class at the community college she took she would be excused from 2 hours of high school (max is 2 classes). I am still paying the community college’s fees. The community college she would go to transfers very easily to the college she plans to attend. So she would also get college credit. If she did this for two semesters she would have half a year of college credit. Once again I just don’t know if she is mature enough for this. The CC is a 30 minute drive from her high school so she would be responsible for getting herself to classes. That is a fairly long drive for her and I worry that she would just decide not to attend class because she didn’t want to do the drive, was tired etc. I cannot drive her and I will not drive her. Also the community college is not the most stimulating learning environment. I took an art history class there just for the fun of it last year and was shocked by just how lazy the kids were and how disrespectful they were in class. It was not an environment where academic success was encouraged. It was more a do the bare minimum to pass a class kind of place. My daughter is quite intelligent but she is lazy and knows she can get a C or B with very little effort and does not put much into her classes. The class I took at the college was relatively easy but required daily attendance and nightly readings and some good old fashioned studying- I probably spent an hour every night preparing for class (doing readings, reviewing notes) and studied a good 2-4 hours for tests. I don’t feel like my daughter has the necessary study skills. I can always teach her these but I am not sure how receptive she will be to actually doing work. Her reason for wanting to do this is that she will take two classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays and then will get out of school on Monday, Wed, Friday at 10:00 AM. I thought about forcing her to take classes that meet on Monday, Wed, Friday to counter this idea… So her prime reason is that she will miss a lot of high school. I think It would be good if she could learn some valuable study skills and earn some college credit (and save me $$$$). I just don’t think she is doing this for the right reasons and will be very unmotivated and will not put any effort into the class.

She would only be taking 4 high school classes next semester (AP English, Orchestra, AP US government, and Intro to French). I know she can easily handle the workload with the classes but it just depends if she wants to put the effort into it.

Any thoughts?

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Well too me it sounds like you’ve given this alot of thought. And you should sit your daughter down and explain to her that if she does decide to take these classes at the community college that this means taking on a big responsibility. And that she can’t just decide one day she’ll stay home & not go unless she has a good reason. But too me it sounds like it will be good for her but see how she does with one semester first. If she doesn’t do well I would rethink letting do another or not. But before she signs up for any classes you both need to decide if she’s really ready for this or not. Hope this helps.

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