Should students be given an option besides high school?


Posted on : 28-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I feel that the only purpose of high school is to prepare for college. High schools were actually called prep scools before they became mandatory by the goverment. Students should be given the option to go into career training instead so that they can get a job and survive on their own. Instead, we push them through Algebra and Chemestry which they will never use. What do you think?

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i think if you dont like it you should drop out and possibly get your ged

I don’t think that’s a good idea.. That’ what i think.

Highschool is amazing… for me.
If you just start surviving on you own, you will fall… ( okay that’s a stupid way to put it)

I think that upon completing Junior High, many people are not mature enough to think about careers. If we offered career preparation instead of High School, I don’t think that it’d really prepare most students for a career, but rather give students an insight to what it is that they’re interested in. This is why many High Schools require internships and career experiences during the High School career. I think that High School is nice because it serves as a “well-rounded” education to give students a better understanding of what it is that they’re interested in. Upon graduation, students with an understanding of what is that that want to do, based on the exposure that had during High School, can choose if college offers the proper preparation and study for their interests, or if other career training is appropriate.

Basically, I feel that it is rare for a 13-year-old to know what it is that they want to do or what career to prepare for. Also, the algebra and chemistry that we are pushed through do have potential use based on their career interests, and they serve as the exposure. Those classes that we are pushed through also help us develop learning skills, so that when we do have an understanding of what we would like to learn, we will be ready to do it.

You still need to have basic skills for Career training….and you get those in high school. As much as I had to say it, I deal with Algebra and Chemistry EVERY DAY…and I’m a music teacher. You should plan on going to a high school that has an association with a career training program. Then you will be able to spend half day doing the “academic” stuff and the other half in career training.

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