Speed Reading 101 – Free Speed Reading Class (4/4)


Posted on : 11-12-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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http://www.irisreading.com/youtube This is a short speed reading course that focuses on drills that are necessary to help students read faster. Learn the bas…

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Comments (4)

I did go from 180 WPM to 250 WPM. Thanks for the videos.

OMG! I went from 280wpm to 710! :O I didn’t really think it would work
but.. guess I was wrong. My eyes feel a little strained though :/

Wow that was fast reading 710. Did you comprhend it. It did help I went
from 180 to 210 but I could have gone faster but I wanted to make sure I
understood what I was reading. It does feel different, lol. I was using the
scrren to reed from and used my finger to follow along.

I went a lot faster than I did before! Thank you!

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