Speed Reading From Speed MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version Part 1


Posted on : 29-01-2015 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Happy Christopher Columbus day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(No school for Me) timtamturn requested a week ago!!! This is a Zoomscape Based Activity! The Game Spee…

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Comments (23)

why thank you!!!

@Rocky54167 well thats wordgirl for ya

Lexicon Alert System 3:37

how come ?

@PhantomJerad are u saying this game containts the theme for it?

When a wrong answer is clicked either it screams or alarms, both of which
scared me when I was a kid playing this game. Ah the memories…

Prepare For Hyperspace Smoochieface in 5 4 3 2 1! ENGAGE! 4:30

@Discosaturn yeah it freaked me out but never scared me, and honestly to me
this game seems like it wasn’t produced that good as the other ones now
don’t get me wrong i loved this game, just like when the clock runs out
nothing happens nothing other than the fastest makes you want to go and win

@Rocky54167 You ahahahahah Its from wordgirl

@PhantomJerad allright

@Rocky54167 Well Yeah?

A man falling Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 5:36

@PhantomJerad no i didn’t

@PhantomJerad oh cool never heard of it

Klaxon 6:03

Do you Know that man screaming Is the Wrong answer Theme?

@smelliottbobelliott I remember Carmen SanDiego in school

Orbital System 3:37

WLNBT World Lexicon News Brodcast Television

I just want to thank you for uploading all of these videos. I thought I
would never figure out what these were!!!! I happenstanced upon your
channel and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game actually helped
me learn how to speed read. I used this game from around age ~6-10, along
with the others and Carmen SanDiego!

@IAmTurok100 you know i never got why it was like that

@IAmTurok100 klaxon?

@IAmTurok100 lexicon alert system, for a town or what?

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