Speed Reading Tips: How to Read Faster and Retain More Info!


Posted on : 12-08-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Comments (21)

EyeQ really improved my reading. I agree with the guy in the video. Not
only is speed reading improving my reading, but also focusing more on
common details. Your brain is able to organize everything like playing

Man, ur tips increased my reading skills.

i have a stupid school assingment of reading a stupid book

Thanks for tip:D

I’m 11…..don’t judge me:D I used the number technique quickly and
realised I was reading so much faster

yeah, reading anything by Eckhart Tolle puts me to sleep! his talking is
even worse

I definitely would like to try this.

really good advice thanks!

sounds like Sal Khan haha

Cool video thanks Sean!

What? Counting while reading?! #MindBlown!

Hey Sean, did you end up doing Jim Kwik’s program? Do you recommend?

your suggestions will be taken from the core of my heart. May God Bless

Wow this guy wants $1000 for this program, unreal

I just want the card. I have no friends, so if you send me one maybe my
parents will stop worrying about me…or worry about me more. Only one way
to find out.

from khan academy? ehh.. i guess a little

I got into the habit of reading when I was 12 and have read more than 1500
novels till date. I started reading at around 300-350 wpm but now I can
read around 850. But to get to that speed I actually have to follow a
technique of not pronouncing the words. I try singing- helps as well
instead of counting -counting may need a little concentration but most of
know songs automatically. Initially not pronouncing feels scary but if u
let go the need to do it, it actually works!

No, speed reading is having the option to fast forward. Novels in
particular are meant for enjoyment correct? So when you reach a patch of
dialogue in the novel, read it how you want to, but if you hit a section of
that same novel that is kinda boring, or the pace is too slow for your
liking, you can speed up your reading and get to another exciting part,
where you can slow down again and be as dramatic as you want. It’s control
of speed.

It requires some practice. There are free programs on the Internet. Great

I disagree. That ‘voice’ is your THOUGHT. Slow read in order to close read
and think critically and analytically about what you are reading.

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