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Posted on : 05-11-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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http://www.irisreading.com/youtube Once you finish the speed reading drills this tutorial has you read again to see if any improvement was made. Learn speed …

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Comments (19)

170 WPM after some time watching episode 3 im at 324. xD yeah i read realy slow before

“The other nice thing about using your hand…”

this works im at 1050 wpm after 8 days of study…..i comprehend 80 to 90% of the information and if im tired 70-80% of the info…. when 8 days ago i was at 213 wpm and comprehending maybe 40-60% of the info.
Learn other speed reading and mind photography techniques apply them daily and u will see a difference….

41 to 69 baby lol

326 to 414 without watching part 4 & 5. Simply using my hand.

Whoa. My WPM jumped from 370 to 470 within an hour. I would definitely recommend this webinar.

tutorial 4 missing?

where’s tutorial video 4?

300 to 420 :)

really? where?

i’ve seen better

349 wpm

first time 242 second time 30145

up to 300 now :D  in Les Miserables

yay~ I made some improvements!!!

300 >> 370!

287 first time 407 second time =)

where is part 5?

where is part 4?

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