Learn How to Study – 3 Hour Workshop

A 3 hour inspirational and practical workshop which will teach you how to study easily, effectively and enjoyably by learning how to use more of your brains infinite potential.

This can be delivered for groups of all levels in schools, colleges, businesses and other organisations.

What will you learn:

  • do positive thinking and positive emotions make a difference to your success
  • how to instantly increase your learning by using the left and right side of your brain
  • the power of your subconscious mind for learning anything easily
  • the stages of learning and how to continuously improve your learning/study skills
  • what are learning styles
  • how to greatly improve your memory and recall
  • an introduction to mind mapping
  • time management for amazing recall!

Who is this workshop for:

Anyone who needs to learn how to study or how to learn easily. Whether that is for school, for college, in the workplace or for learning new skills for a career change.

How is it delivered:

The workshop is delivered by Sean M Kelly (founder of www.LearnHowtoStudy.com) in schools, colleges or workplaces. He will come to your place of study or work and deliver the workshop.

What is the style of delivery:

The workshop is delivered in a very interactive, practical and inspiring way. The aim is that you will know the main key points and have experienced them by the end of the workshop.

What to do next and what is the cost:

Whether you are a school, college, business or other organisation if you need your students or employees to be more effective learners and reach their goals more efficiently we can deliver a workshop and show you how.

Simply phone us on phone 087 2494954
or click the
Contact Us link below.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We welcome all enquiries and aim to respond to your enquiry within 2 business days. The cost of the workshop can be agreed once we know what exactly is required.

Please note we give a  percentage of the turnover from workshops to the schools where they are run which will also help the school financially.

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