Study Skills- Time Management Part 1 – Prioritizing


Posted on : 11-03-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Comments (26)



i think this is great… but what i like to do is i number them by which is due earlier


You are way too logical for the fools to which you are trying to make a point. But those with minds understand.

whatz your major career?


i dont get this :(

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Probably not !! That’s why I don’t ridicule myself like that young lady and put up a video that makes me look like an idiot. If I were her, I would have practiced like crazy to give a polished presentation or else forget it!!!

If you can make a better video, I’m waiting : )

study like 3 month b4 exams and you wont fail trust me

Thanks this really helps

This young lady is really struggling in front of the camera (poor honey, having public speaking nervousness?). Second, she is really struggling with her english (Weren’t able to hide the accent, honey?) Looking at her face, she really looks like a canadian to me. Third, she is just regurgitating what Brian Tracy,
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To do lists don’t get done. We tend to cherry pick what we want to do.

Instead, when you get incoming work, try putting in a 24 hour buffer. Work on the assignment the next day for as long as you want to (say, 20-60 minutes).

Don’t get it finished? Do it the next day, and the next, and so on until it’s done.

This gives you a buffer before you start, ‘keeps the kettle boiling’, and means you work in more manageable chunks.

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