Study Tips for ADHD Kids, from an ADHD Kid


Posted on : 18-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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So I have finals coming up, and I have really severe ADHD. I peer tutor kids too, and a few of them also have ADHD. These are 6 tips that I have that are gen…

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Comments (4)

U look pretty i have slight cases of adhd

I’m in college I just got diagnosed because I’m stupidly smart so they just thought I had issues behaving or whatever.
I make lists a whole lot of them, all the effin time.
Also colours help a lot, use colours, I’m visual, so I highlight and use lots of colour and pretty markes so I feel like doing it and studying, I usually get a bit distracted colouring and matching colours (I’m OCD too) but it works.

you can try doodling too, I doodle all the time in class when I get distracted, but then at least my focus is on the paper. You could also ask your teacher if you could use your phone to record the lecture or something, or if they have their own notes for the lecture that you could see or have a copy of!

But I get WAY too distracted when it comes to taking notes , especially in chemistry & history . Any other advice ? Please

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