Study Tips: How to Study for Economics


Posted on : 30-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Thomas Farmarkis talks to Rowan Kunz from Study TV about how to study for Economics, including writing notes, keeping up with current economic news, and essa…

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OMG I NEVER WATCH THE BUDGET PROGRAM WHATEVWR IT IS LOL how can you be bothered when you have so many other subjects to study for!!!? Especially I do extension 1 maths and chemistry also so I can never have time to watch the budget program and do hw study and hve SOME TIME for myself :(


Another human being schooled in what to think, when to think and what to say. Congrats.

I found the short answers hard to write a good response. How can I improve on answering this section ??

@parked08 I have created a video on this topic – reading is extremely poor for memory retention, so definitely writing them out. Although, teaching someone the material is the best way.

When learning notes, which do you think is more effective? just sitting down in a quite area and reading them over and over again, or, writing them down over and over again? thanks

@MilitaryMan006 Cool stuff! Small world! Thanks for the feedback on Secrets of HSC Success Revealed :)

Rowan Kunz! I have his book on Secrets for the HSC it is a great read! And i am going to the same school as him!

Thanks! Feel free to spread the word :) 

These are awesome videos! They needs more views!

wow, really great!

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