Study tips to quickly memorize French Q and A’s?


Posted on : 13-10-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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For French, tomorrow we have an oral assessment. It’s on questions and answers about these characters from a French story. I’ve been studying the flash cards I made all weekend but I’m sill unsure of a few. What are some affective, quick study tips to get the martial memorized?

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Make yourself some flashcards on Check it out. You can get a free account. This website is awesome because it really saved me for some of my subjects when I was back in high school. Hope that helps.

If it’s a story it has to have a logical sequence of some sort, which aids the memory. Can you retell the story to yourself in French?

One thing that is helpful is to imagine what questions you would ask if you were preparing a test.

There are questions about plot, character, a few details of sequence of events.

honestly, i think your best bet is probably just to read the story very slowly and carefully. while reading it pay very close attention to details for those specific charactors that you will have questions asked about in the test. while your reading you can also ask yourself some questions to quiz yourself about the charactor, or better yet, if you know anyone else that speaks french, or maybe even other classmates, you can get them to read the story with you and you can all quiz eachother. this would really help you get prepared for what types of questions that may be asked during the test.

trying to memorize in a vacuum is generally useless. You need to learn things in their contexts.

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