Tips for relaxing during a Pelvic Exam ? Nervous 16 yearold !?


Posted on : 27-03-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I’m 16 & having first Pelvic Exam tomorrow.

I’m terrified about it, but realise i have to have it (have horrid Brown Discharge)

Mum has told me to relax my Pelvic Muscles – BUT how do i relax them ?
How do i relax having instruments in me ?!!!
Is it gonna hurt ?
Also i’m a virgin,so never had anything in my vagina before !

I don’t want Mum in the Room, but can i have another Nurse to hood my hand ?

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just take deep breathes and do not tense up..if ur body goes to tense do not do it because tensing could make it uncomfortable.

typically parents do not go in the room with u so dont worry… its not a big deal and its over before u know it

good luck

Im not sure what to say about the pelvic exam, all u can do is lie back, and try to remain calm. im sure there will be a little discomfort.
Ask your mom if she wouldnt mind leaving the room, ask the dr for a nurse, then ask the nurse tol please hold your hand because u are scared. I’m srry u have to go through it, but you’ll make it.

Ok, slow down here.

It wont hurt! Even if you are a virgin… the thing they insert inside you is very small, and doesn’t hurt at all! I promise!

Dont be too worried about relaxing. Just make sure that you aren’t squeezing any muscles “down there” while you are getting your exam.

You shouldn’t need anyone to hold your hand. You are 16! And it doesnt hurt! Tell your mom that you dont want her in there, and i’m sure she will understand.

I completely understand why you are nervous, because it is your first time, but its really not that bad at all! Just realize that the dr. does this every day! The truth is, I would rather get a pelvic exam than to to the dentist. Its really not that horrible. Just relax.

It’s all in the mind. Basic training MEPS puts women through these, and I’ve asked the same questions.

The answer I’ve gotten was just take deep breaths, and there is always a nurse present in the room. Just talk to your mother a little more about it.

Good luck!

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