Using your hand as a speed reading pacer


Posted on : 14-05-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Use your hand or pen as a pacer when speed reading.

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Comments (5)

I’m hoping* *

Anyone the tradeoff between speed reading and comprehension/understanding
what you are reading, especially at his rate of spead. I hoping to be
amazed but need to be realistic.

corrections: Anyone know* . I’m* hoping

this helped me out in so many ways! thanks

I’ve been a slow reader for years, despite the fact that I read more than
the average person. This method increased my reading speed hugely, within a
day. It also made reading more enjoyable – all that back tracking and eye
flicking was a bit stressful, so I also enjoy reading more now. My only
problem is that it is a bit awkward to use for computer monitors since I
can’t rest the arm, but I can do it on the laptop so I just read lengthy
texts there instead.

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