What advice would you give to a high school student?


Posted on : 07-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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Im 15, in 9th and want to know…
What advice would you give a high school student?
I know most people who finished high school and are in college or whatever always say…
“man if i was in high school i would be running that school”
Well, what advice would you give me? Tell me… things you wish you known…
Or regret doing or not doing…what are those things?

appreciate ya’ll reading!

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Don’t worry too much what people will think of you! The second you graduate you may never see most of those people again!

Don’t treat it like an internet message board, make friends and stick by them, and don’t piss people off. Just common sense.

i actually did what i would give others advice. stop caring about being popular, and enjoy doing whatever you feel fit.

Don’t take AP classes if you ever want to get into medical school… (and I’m assuming most other grad schools as well).

Kind of specific, but it’s something I wish I had known.

Avoid intramural sports, unless you have a good chance of going pro out of college. They are a scam and just make the coach a bunch of money. Odds are that you will suffer injuries that will trouble you for your entire life. Just so “coach” can drive a new car!! Study hard and LEARN, Don’t just get grades. Learn math and science. We are losing to third world countries in these subjects!! Don’t be a prude. Enjoy sex. ALWAYS practice safe sex. No exceptions EVER. These skills and the experiences will take you a long way. Avoid drug and alcohol use. An occasional experiment won’t hurt, but never use them regularly, or in excess. Most of all, JUST DO IT! You will never have the opportunity again.

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