What are some study tips, for school?


Posted on : 02-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I need some study tips to help me get better grades and focus and have fun with school. Ideas please? 10 points for best answer!

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You could make some study cards for some subjects.

For example if you learn French you could write the French on one side, and the English on the other.
For English you could do it for grammer, i.e. write the name of something to do with grammer and then write the explanation of what it is on the other side.
For maths you could write equations on one side and how to solve it on the other

You can learn with these either on your own or with someone.
Look at one side and either write down or speak your answer then look at the back/get the person who is doing it with you to say if you have it right or not.

These are fun to make and they are a good visual way to learn.

There are also a lot of learning sites online where you can play games and stuff to help you practise stuff.

If you enjoy looking stuff up and reading you could make yourself little projects to read about and make a mini personal project to help you learn about stuff.

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