What are some tips for going into high school?


Posted on : 05-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Okay so on Monday our 8th grade will be signing up for our high school classes freshmen year!! Honestly I am completley terrified. I really don’t know what classes I should take! Also, obviously everything counts towards college in high school, so I need some study tips.

1. What classes do you suggest, and why?
2. How do you study effectively?

I Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Career wise, I am intrested into getting involved in the medical field..

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It’s nothing like the movies.

high school is so freaking easy. if you can’t make it through that then…you’re just plain dumb dude.

Distractions are a huge issue in high school, be forewarned.

welll choose that classes that will affect the career choice you want. then with studying I suggest friends or alone or even with your parents if nessicary. also if you are having problems in one or more classes it is CRUCIAL you go to extra help.

You get to choose your classes? wow..
Well since you get the choice, is there anything you are looking into being when you grow up? For the sciences definitely get a foundation of Biology and Chemistry. Those are pretty important in my opinion. In History, 9th graders usually take World History. In Math, some start with Algebra I while others start with Geometry.

EDIT: medical field? yup definitely a foundation in Biology and Chemistry and then look into AP courses if the school offers. I don’t know if you can take them in freshmen year, but for the years ahead, look into AP courses.College credit sometimes is given if you do well on AP exams.

I always make flashcards and my own questions to test myself. But if it’s a really easy subject, I just read some notes or directly from the book to study.

Nothing to be terrified about going to high school. High school years have actually been awesome (depending on how you spend them). This is where you make some of your greatest memories. Have fun :D …..and study…

Go there with no high expectations. You’re gonna be a freshmen, so many upperclassmen will automatically think you’re annoying and naive (it’s just part of the pecking order). But just have the right priorities. Don’t go in wanting a boyfriend right away, or wanting to get popular. It’s overrated & dumb. Stay social throughout the year, definitely. You’ll notice friends changing, but you’ll soon start to find your true friends. Focus on your studies but don’t forget to have fun. :)

I don’t really have any class suggestions..
& for the studying part, just study in your own way which helps you. We all have different techniques and how long we have to study.

Good luck :D

oh & stay organized!

well idk what requirments your school needs for you to graduate but in my area we need to take four years of english 2 years of social studies 2 years of math and science and 2 years of lanuage and an arts or performing art class for one year, freshmen year they will automatically give you the classes u have to take, i would suggest taking all required classes for college ur first two years in high school before you take any electives that u dont need but honestly its not so hard choosing your classes just talk to a counselor and they’ll answer all ur questions and give you advice

& honestly high school is a little intimidating at first but you get used to it. Just don’t be immature little kid and dont be scared of seniors lol, im a senior and i like to mess around with freshmen but they know deep down i love them (:

Don’t get sucked into drama. It will distract you from work. Get to know your teachers so you can always ask for help when you need it. Get to know your counselor and college counselor so you can get help with deciding on courses (Your college counselor especially). You really just need to take the general education that is required for each year and an elective. It is all pretty much written out for you in high school. Study groups, free tutoring… if available. And personally, I like to keep busy with extra curricular activities. It makes high school way more fun, you make more friends, you feel like part of the school…. AND the busier you are, the less you procrastinate on work.

Good luck!

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