What are the tips that can help me to pass my exam?


Posted on : 04-11-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Because next week is my exam day. So that’s why i asked this question to you.

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well, dont study jam all in one night. what you want to do is find the stuff you want to know the stuff you do know and dont. once you figure out what you do and dont know study the stuff you dont. study for about an hour and a half every night and cut back on tv and video games. focus and dont rush during the test.

I would say study…. but it just depends what kind of person you are.

I am not one to study but I always seem to do well. I usually just glance over my notes or whatever and I’m fine.

More than likely you should just study if you don’t know.

You’ll fall into a groove eventually

Make sure you have revision notes, and read over them twice a day. This week, drink lots and lots of water, and don’t eat any junk food or too many sweets, don’t drink any alcohol, as a clear body makes a clear mind. Just relax and make sure you know what they’re going to ask you. Get someone else to ask you questions at random times, like when ur cooking dinner or on the car/bus/train whatever. Good luck!

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