What are your top study tips?


Posted on : 15-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I use note cards, and repetition of writing words over and over again, study in a fairly quiet place, and listen to classical music. Just want to see what everyone else’s study tips are. Thanks

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Primarily for vocab words i tend t look for something in the word, whether it be a sound or grouping of words that helps me identify the meaning of the word.
Background music does not help me however i find it distracting
I get very focused when ever i have to study and i usually can get anything done with intament focus.

Read your book and all notes, write down the top 25 or so important facts and formulate your own exam questions from these facts. By anticipating what the questions will be, you’ll be studying the most important things. Chances are, that the majority of your questions, or very similar questions, will be on the exam. I always got an “A” when I did this.

For english, I broke my essays up into blocks and learnt each of them off by heart. It takes hours upon hours but it was the only way I was able to get a good grade for english.

For maths, I did countless past papers and started an exercise book and wrote down the important information/formulas of each chapter – a very condensed list.

For ancient history I wrote documents on word, highlighted and stuck sticky notes on the walls.

For Italian, I also stuck vocab words on the wall, so when I was distracted and looked up – I would look at my vocab words. Also did past papers.

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