What can you do when you’re stressed out because of an exam?


Posted on : 26-06-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I always stress out before each exam and although I try to calm down, I get anxious and worried even after I’ve revised thoroughly and I’m actually a clever student.

I really hate it when someone who doesn’t revise at all and still get good marks or even sometimes better than me! I know that they got natural talents but it still bugs me.

Any advise?

Thanks loads.

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It depends on your situation…

If you’re taking the test and are stressed out, I suggest breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you forget an answer, close your eyes and picture yourself studying the page or book or whatever has the info on it. It should come to you.
Never ever be tempted to cheat. But you already know that.
Also, you can skip it and come back to it later so your don’t waste time.

If you already took the test and did’t, well, do so well…
Ask if you can retake.
If you can’t, you’ll just have to live with it and try to make it up.

First break your studying down into chunks like say 15-25 minutes at a time, or else you might overload yourself. Also don’t cram before b/c that may make you nervous. Do not take any stress medicine b/c it might make you totally forget what you studied. As for the other people who don’t revise their answers…I am the same way. I find that when I go over my test more than once I wind up second guessing myself and possibly changing my correct answers into wrong ones.

Just take a breather and don’t stress about tests, they aren’t made to stress you out, hopefully anyway ;-P Hope that helped.

if u r at home just lie down like a dead body. it really works
if u r at school just close ur eyes thinking about nothing 4 3-4 min it will make u feel relax as well as refresh.
atleast it worked 4 me.

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