what do i study in college to work with preventing animal cruelty?


Posted on : 20-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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im only a junior in high school but i really love animals and preventing animal cruelty. i love the show animal cops on animal planet and i really want to do that. do i have to go to like police school? i also want to be a photographer so idk if i can study both in college. and is there any other occupations that work with eliminating animal cruelty?

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A double major in Law Enforcement, Vet medicine, Vet tech or pre-law and photography would be a great way to go. I can see photography and those careers would go very well together. You could be very good at photographically documenting abuse, a photographer’s attention to detail would be very helpful in assessing potential crime scenes, and for fun you could take portrait-quality pictures of rescued pets going up for adoption for shelters so people would see the pets on the web and see that they are as wonderful as fancy purebreds. Your interests and skills could totally help animals!

Being a lawyer, a Vet, a Vet tech and a cop would be really fantastic ways to help with the effort to end animal cruelty, but another way to look at it is to put yourself in a position where you could raise money for those same causes! If you were a crack fundraiser, that would help animals too!

If there is an animal rescue group, shelter or ASPCA near you, why don’t you consider volunteering either after school, on weekends or during the next summer. It is a great way to gain experience, see if you like working directly with animals or if you would rather work on behalf of them but not hands-on, and also make some great contacts for your future career. It would happen to also be really great on your resume as you apply to college, and if you do a great job you could probably get a really interesting stand-out college recommendation int he deal.

Change your major to Syriac. It has about the same amount of practical application than anything else for your desired work.

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