What does area of concentration mean for elementary education majors?


Posted on : 17-11-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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an elementary education degree has you take 15 credits in an “area of concentration.” If choosing “creative drama” what does that mean for your future career as a teacher? will you be teaching that concentration area or what is the scoop?

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Area of concentration usually means the area you’ll be specialized in to teach. I’ve never heard of this for elementary education though. Normally if you’re qualified to teach elementary education, you’re qualified to teach all subject areas. Only in secondary education (middle and high schools) is there an area of concentration. This is why middle and high school teachers will only teach one, two or few subjects. If a secondary teacher teaches outside of their area of concentration, they’ll be considered unqualified.

An area of concentration is just the subject you choose to specialize in, mine was math, so I took extra math classes when the other students in my program didn’t. If you choose social studies or reading as your area of concentration then you just take extra classes in those subject areas. If you plan to teach in an elementary school then most likely you will teach all subject areas, but you will still have your concentration (most likely the subject you like the best). When school districts post job openings they may specify that they want applicants that have a reading concentration or a science concentration, so depending on what you choose as your concentration, you may be limiting yourself on what jobs you will even be considered for. I would NOT recommend creative drama as a concentration. Elementary schools have a huge push toward increasing reading and math test scores and are looking for teachers who specialize in those areas. I would recommend one of those. Creative drama is an art and since most schools have lost funding the first thing to go is their arts programs, which would include drama. Good luck!

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