What does it take to become a good Clinical Psychologist?


Posted on : 22-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I have interest in psychology. I like to observe people and rationalize why they do things. Also, I am a good listener and always willing to listen to people’s problem and try to help them as much as I could…. However, the problem is… Deep down inside me, I always know what I am feeling and the ideas I want to express… It is just that I am just not good at expressing my feelings into words… maybe its due the fact I grew up not having much people to talk with and expressing my thoughts… I am a study abroad student, so I did not have parents for 10 years and I did not have much real friends in high school…

Anyways… What I want to ask, with this flaw of mine… Would it be advisable for me to pursue a degree in Clinical Psych? And what other essential skills are needed.

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just the other day i had looked into becoming a clinical psychologist!, i think i would make a good psychologist but then again I’m not perfect, i don’t think anyone is perfectly suited to there job, you just have to work around the flaws!

I don’t think I would recommend Clinical Psychology, although with an interest in psychology, you could do great with rehab or research. There are a lot of ways you can help, unfortunately WAY too many students in psych.
To get your PhD (or PsyD) it takes a lot of work, and excellence in your field. Get on research teams with graduate students and work in your field. I worked on a dissertation about sexual abuse, and worked in the State Prison with the Sex Offenders. It was really interesting, but in the end I discovered it was not was best suited for my personality.
I now work as a therapist. I started my own business to specialize in reaching the mind by working with the body–I am a personal trainer and a massage therapist. My work is very fulfilling and the right fit for me.

You need INCREDIBLE dedication to schooling. Getting into a Clinical program is more difficult than getting into medical school. Between 400 and 800 students apply to each school and somewhere around 8 people are picked. If you really want to become a clinical psychologist, you need research experience, a 3.8 or higher, and a 1300 or more on your GRE’s. If you can pull that off, then I would say go for it. Be ready to really experiment on people.

I would also suggest an internship of some sort. An internship will really open you up to whether you are right for clinical or not in ways that no other person can tell you. I took one at a place called Bridgeway and learned that there is more risk involved in the job than I had thought. It really turned me away from clinical, so now I am an I/O psychologist in graduate school.

Actually (to the previous poster), it is not as hard as you make it sound – the GPA requirement is no where near as high as you say, for one. (I’m getting ready to start my senior year as a psych major, and I’m planning on going on to grad school to get my psy.d)

I would start out by doing some research in the field. A lot of times, careers/jobs don’t turn out to be what we imagine them to be or what is portrayed on tv or in movies. If you still feel like you would be well suited for this career, then look more seriously into it, especially into the schooling requirement.

Good luck!

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