What does it take to become a sports agent?


Posted on : 28-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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Hello I am a freshman in high school and have been interested in being a sports agent ever since I was in 5th grade. If anyone knows what I will have to study in college, and after college please help me. Also I am taking debate this year and the debate club. I think I will take it all 4 years for practice because a sports agent is a type of lawyer and it will help me get better at talking skills and negotiating and everything.
thank you.

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Yes, take the same courses that it would take to be an attorney, and also study sports marketing, after college, it’s all about contacts, make as many as you can.
You can join a major marketing firm, but people skills are a must…

you got the general ideal down, now you needa make friends with alotta on the fringe atheletes and get one a great deal and………..

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