What is a good way to improve memory?


Posted on : 12-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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I am a people person and attent a lot of chamber of commerce get togethers. The one problem I have is remembering peoples names. Not just in work situations, but is social events with friends, its tough for me to remember what we were talking about just a couple hours ago. Is there an effective way to improve someones memory, not just so I can remember names, but so I can remember stories, books I read, funny quotes from movies, etc…

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i used to know but forgot

play that brainage game, or practice, when you learn a persons name repeat it while looking at their face.

It’s better if you associate their names with places or things, that way you can remember their names easily. And with other memory problems aside form the name game… maybe you should take a brain boosting vitamins or right down things you would like to remember so that you’ll be able to track it up.

To more easily memorize names, write them down if you can, or collect business cards at formal events. Use the person’s name a few times during your first conversation. “It’s nice to meet you, Bob. Do you live in the area, Bob? Bob, maybe you can answer a question for me” Okay, not all in a row like that. Then a few minutes after the conversation, look around the room and recall the names of the people you’ve met. Do the same thing before you leave, then again when you get home.

As far as remembering stories is concerned, try to remember the story as a series of images or events in your mind. It should be easier to do that than to memorize the words.

I have several good suggestions to improving your memory; all of which I practice on a daily basis. My first line of defense against memory loss is taking Pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 fatty acid. The Omega-3 is helpful in restoring brain function. These and several other benefits are even more acknowledged than Ginko Baloba. I also play Scrabble at least once a day. These and other tips I use throughout the day enrich my brain as I am making a conscious attempt at improving my mental function. You literally have to use it or lose it.

The first site has many memory training games, you dont have to put your real email at the top, just make one up.

CogLabs is my fav. From here you can skip email entirely


you occupied your mind with too many things (that are not relevant) and that makes you to think too much. In the process you might forget certain things.Don’t engage yourself with the habit of attending too much occasions that will make you tired at the end of the day. It weakens the memory if enough rest is not taken at the proper time. Then, try to jut down some important points of your discussion and try to memorize them later.

Bad memory can very often be linked to stress.
When we are stressed it causes memory blocks.
The more you try the more anxious you become, so no memory.
The art is to relax and focus upwards towards the left hand side of your brain (this is where you store memory).
Never put your head in your hands or focus downwards, it is almost impossible to recall memory if you are focusing downwards.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax, combat stress and to improve your memory.
You can be taught self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or buy a self help CD (or download)
They are available for memory enhancement.
The benefits can be enormous, Good luck.

People always say they have a hard time remembering my name and then corey Durbin (a friend) said she remembered my name by desert then ray. and I remembered my best friend summer’s name by my favorite season. And my Friend autumn the colorful season. And then danielle by her braces and long brernutte hair. And Its easy remember people by their faces and sometimes the smell of them…lol. And by their special features like the most blue eyes you have ever seen. or the most uglyist person. Or the tall and plain. Its easy.

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