What is the easiest way to read fast?


Posted on : 13-04-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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I see all this speed reading stuff and would like to learn it. I review books and short stories so this would be nice.

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in speedreading, you don’t realy READ FAST lol.. they just teach you to skim thru things. Basically:
Read the first three sentences, read the conclusion and topic sentence of each body paragraph, and then read the entire conclusion paragraph.. It’s all really a gimmick


close the book

With your eyes open?

I did a course on this. They say CHUNK TO THE PUNC (being punctuation). Every time you read a word, your eye makes a movement, therefore, you need to break each line up into parts to limit the movements of the eye. It takes a bit of skill but you’ll master it!


Train your mind to read at LEAST 3 words at the same time and be able to conjugate the sentence properly to understand it.

Just scan through the pages…it’ll take you minutes to finish..

umm, I have been reading since I was 3 cuz my mom started reading and writing with me really early, and I can read about 5 pages (it varies on the size and font but in a size 12 font) and minute. Or something like that, I am fast though, I can average about 2 books a day if I can concentrate, because when I read I lose myself in the book and start viewing it in my mind. It’s like an art, i really forget about the real world and actually see the world of my book. It’s weird sometimes though.


I’m just learning to read faster with an online program. It tells me that one of the common problems is subvocalization which holds me from reading fast. It says that our brain can process information much faster than sounding speed. So I’m now learning to get rid of subvocalization as well as looking into two or more words in a group. It is said that I can finish the program in a month’s time. My reading speed seems to have increased a bit already, after started for a few days.

I think the most important is practice, best with some tools to assist.

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