What is the easiest way to study long definitions of words?


Posted on : 19-06-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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This is from music class. The word is “coloratura” the definition is: An elaborate and highly ornamented, usually high-lying part for a soprano voice. The term is also applied to those singers who specialize in the demanding technique required for such parts.” The teacher requires it be word for word. Online study tools, and plain study tips would be of much help!
Please keep in mind that I have about 12 words like this and the test is tomorrow morning!

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Write this definition on a card or small piece of paper and carry it around with you so you can look at it whenever you have time.

Start with one sentence or part, and get that down. Then add to it and eventually you’ll have the whole thing.

Try to establish a rhythym (or even set the definition to music in your head) so that as you’re thinking of the definition, the rest flows easily.

Also, I try to visualize what something actually is. For example… you could picture an ‘elaborate and highly ornamented’ woman singing soprano.

create a song with the definition, i did this and it helped a lot, you could try it and see what happens

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