What is the most effective way to study Spanish?


Posted on : 23-06-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I’ve got a final for Spanish 3 coming up this week, and apparently its a final that rarely anyone passes. I’m already failing the class, so i NEED to do well on this final to be able to pass the class. I struggle with memorizing vocabulary, verbs, and grammar. basically everything about the class i struggle with. Does anyone have any study tips or pointers to make this easier on me and in result, i actually comprehend the information?

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Hello friend
First of all I’m saying that I speak Spanish and we apologize if I write bad as I use a translator.
I teach English as you and me a hard time but I give you some tips:
First of all do not say you do not like and not to get depressed if you went wrong is a difficult language, and that even hard for us, find a good tutor, teacher or a classmate to help you, practice a lot of writing and especially accentuation , because the meaning of the word varies, is the vocabulary and learning you do not learn it by heart because then you forget, try to see web pages and practice writing and pronunciation, hearing him about music in Spanish and watch movies, if you know you can win ten, give Strive o maximum and believe in yourself.
I wish you luck

Mucha suerte

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