What jobs can i do if i have just a high school diploma?


Posted on : 16-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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Hello.Im a woman with four kids and write now I work as a lunch lady at houston,TX.I have just a high school diploma.I want a new job that’s a little more professional.I don’t want to work at some place like Mc Donald’s or Walmart.Please help me.You could write a list or just write a link with jobs.

P.S.I would go to college but I don’t have enough money or time for it.

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i am also looking for a job. if you get any answer please share with me.

Receptionist, waitress, or a grocery store clerk(They actually do quite well!). That should give you some places to look.


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You can do anything you want to do. It isn’t a rule that you have to have a degree or accreditation in order to get a job that is more professional. Skill is more important than education. Sometimes people spent a lot of time bettering themselves in a certain subject, and dedicated a lot of time to learning on their own, at the same time some other student gave half the effort studying in college.

What are you good at?

Anybody can do insurance, just be weary of the scams. Keep your eye out for jobs that have openings, you could always get a front desk or admin job. Retail is always flexible, just apply at upscale stores. Once you decide what you are open on doing check out websites such as simplyhired, craigslist, careerbuilder, jobing, and monster.

Perfect your resume and publish it online on any of those sites except for craigslist. Go to all the career fairs you can attend.

The best advice given to me was something that a lot of people over look. When you get an interview, always get the business card if you can of the interviewer. Send an email or letter saying thank you for the interview THE SAME DAY. Two business days later, call back to follow up.

Good luck!

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