What major in commerce should i take if i want to work in China in the future?


Posted on : 13-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I’m chinese, migrated to Australia with my parents when i was 7, i’m 18 now and just finnished high school, speak fluent chinese but lack some writing skills. i plan on going to either Melbourne uni or Monash uni to study commerce degree and possibly work in china after i graduate and gained few yrs of work exp in Australia. however, im not sure wheather melb or monash would give me a better chance of gaining a work oppotunity in china. Melbourne uni offers ACCOUNTING,ACTUARIAL STUDIES,ECONOMICS,FINANCE,MARKETING and MANAGMENT as commerce majors, whereas Monash offers ASIAN DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSITION,ECONOMETRICS AND BUSINESS STATISTICS and INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE and some others. Monash majors seem to target more specifically to my purpose yet Melbourne uni is more well known internationally. if any one could gimme some suggestions as to which uni i should apply for and what types of jobs are lacking in China.

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I would go to Melbourne university. As if you want to go and work in china when your finished you need to be good in a specific area of commerce which you would get from melbourne uni whereas at Monash the majors are for courses that would help u do business in china but dont actually teach you any specific business skills like accounting, economics or finance


Ummm… I dun agree with the first answerer. I’m sure Monash has accounting and other basic business subjects as well. Usually the first year of business courses is the common year, where you study all area of business, inc accounting, economics, statistics, law etc.

I am very sure ppl in China do not give much details abt which uni that you are graduated from, espeically if you have already got work experience in Australia, then move to work in China. I think they may look more into your uni results, rather than the name. Therefore in that regards, since you mentioned that you lack some Chinese writing skills, you might want to look at the uni that offer international business/commerce and also Chinese language. If I’m not mistaken RMIT actually has the course that you may be interested in with business and language. You might want to take double major, or maybe single business degree course with language as just part of the elective.

I believe the key is to study the course in the uni that offer the subjects that you want, not just b’cos of the “name” of the uni only. Most important is the knowledge that you gained from your study.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your study :)

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