what to keep in a school tote bag for high school?


Posted on : 16-04-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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when i was in eighth grade i was not organized at all. i’m going into high school and want to change my study habits, and organization skills. i thought it was a good idea to carry a tote bag around but combinding it with my purse, what are some things to keep in my tote bag ?

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Pencils, Calculator, Pens, Erasers, pretty much all the little things that can get lost easily.

What my friend does, she carries her morning books and binders then before or after lunch, replaces it with her afternoon books and binders. If you like, include daily supplies, and what other girls do, IF YOU WANT, makeup, mints/gum, a mirror, hairbrush, those things. Normally I dont but most girls do, just incase. Oh and if you do or don’t have it yet, bring a pad. You always want to be prepared!!!!!!:)

Well here what I do I have one 2 inch binder with four divders for all lases and I hold my pens and p en cils in the slot on the binber and in my ae tote there a calutoe mirror make up bag hand sanziter andmy wallet and thats whar gets me through the day

chapstick in case your lips get capped
lip gloss
school supplies

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