What were all of the concentration camps and the deaths inside of them during world war two?


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i need a list of some concentration camps during world war two and the amount of people who died in each ASAP!! im writing a paper and its due tomorrow :)


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there are loads more go onto wikipedia youll get everything you need there if you look up the ones ive given ya

There are a ton of them…

Here is a complete list available online:


it includes the estimated number of deaths at each one, also :)

they were many of them. 1-Auschwitz 2-Aushwitz-birkenau 3-Bad sulza
4-Bergen Belzec 5-Buchenwald the rest you can go to category nazi concentration camps in wikimedia common. There is the intire list you cant printed out.

Don’t overlook the Soviet concentration camp system too, called the Gulag, in which about 2 million political prisoners died.

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