What’s a pelvic exam/pap test cuz my friends r talking about it and I’m a bit worried?


Posted on : 29-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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So the subject of vaginal exams came up in my friends convo yesterday. I just wanna noe wat it is and how old do u have to be beige you get one done??!!

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A pap smear is a test done to check for abnormalities in ur cervix. U have to be either 18 or just sexually active…. The start off by telling u to relax and the they lube up a clamp that looks like duck beaks to keep u open…. Once ur open the use a swap to get samples n a little thing that looks like a small spoon. They collect something called cultures to check for anything abnormal. They can also do this test for other reasons too. It is uncomfortable if ur not relaxed and u maybe bleed a tiny bit if ur tense! I prefer gynos who r men bcz they r much more gentle then a woman! But yeah thats pretty much how it is….. it completely normal for woman to have this done and it can saw ur life :)

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